Welcome to the BMABA Group Of Social Enterprises

We're a self-started, self-funded powerhouse of martial arts organisations that regulate, develop and promote grass roots participation across the UK.

All of our profits go towards our Charitable Aims of ensuring everyone benefits from the positive impact martial arts has to offer.


The Award-Winning Start Up That Grew From Just £20 Capital

Our entire group was founded by a man who, then aged just twenty with £20 of capital, having come from a life of childhood poverty, saw a vision. Today we stand as one of the largest groups in the martial arts industry.


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An Open Letter To Our Friends & Colleagues Across UK Martial Arts

UK Martial Arts has suffered immeasurably with the Government Imposed lockdown in response to Covid-19. Almost every club in the…

Our Stamp On The UK Martial Arts Industry

Eight years ago this coming September, our organisation celebrates edging closer to that all-defining decade mark. From our humble beginnings…

Our Growing Group Influences All Areas Of UK Martial Arts

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