We are the largest group of martial arts organisations in the UK.

As an industry disrupting underdog that is transforming the way the UK martial arts market operates, we reach and influence more than 100,000 people a year through our technology-first, modern approach to governance, promotion and support. What's more, we're doing it in a way that is sustainable, ethical and in the interests of the wider martial arts community.


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Worth more than £750 million of a more than £8 billion leisure and recreation industry, martial arts of varying disciplines have exploded in popularity over the past decade. Offering a fantastic blend of fitness, self defence, self confidence and sport across more than 100 different styles; martial arts has something to offer everyone.

This is bolstered further by the emergence of mainstream sporting sensations such as the UFC, which is reported to be worth in excess of 4.2billion alone globally. 


Despite a huge number of participants nationally (somewhere between 800,000 and 1.6 million), tens of thousands of clubs and hundreds of millions of turnover, the governance of UK martial arts lags woefully behind. The BMABA Group of Social Enterprises aims to remedy this with an industry-disrupting collection of well known and trusted brands covering governance, insurance, professional services, marketing and technology. 

We operate across the entire sector. Whether it's a club looking for enhanced DBS checks, safeguarding qualifications, insurance, a club website, marketing opportunities or licensing - we're there. For participants and students training, we help with online resources, communities and access to liaise services and fair priced equipment. Our reach extends through more than six social enterprises and one charitable entity to ensure an all-encompassing reach across the entire sector.

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To build the UK's most recognised group of martial arts organisations, and to use our position to positively influence grass roots participation for generations to come.

Our Rapid Growth

How we've grown to become a martial arts powerhouse.


September 2012
British Martial Arts & Boxing Association Founded

The BMABA is founded to oversee the grass roots development of UK martial arts and, in particular, to focus on improving the professional standards and competencies of instructors and clubs. Whilst small in it's infancy, the BMABA now supports in excess of 30,000 members a year and is growing exponentially. 

January 2019
Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation Launches

After more than 7 years of rapid and sustained growth, the Fighting Chance Foundation is founded with a view to helping us ensure we use our growing influence for good. The Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation uses martial arts as a catalyst for change, targeting knife crime, violence against women and girls, inactivity among female participants, childhood poverty and disability issues.


January 2020
MartialHost Goes Live

MartialHost, which has been in existence behind closed doors since 2016, goes live to the public. Aiming to bridge a clear gap in available technology, MartialHost provides web hosting, design, technology, branding and app design specifically for the martial arts sector.

March - July 2020
BMABA Group Is Launched

With Covid-19 inflicting catastrophic damage to the UK martial arts industry, effectively crashing martial arts participation, we push forward the release of our other network organisations by between 3-6 months. This includes the launch of #MartialArtsDoneRight, British Martial Arts, MartialPrint, MARSC, BMABA Training Services and more.