Our Group

The BMABA Group Of Social Enterprises reaches in excess of 100,000 participants every year through our growing number of organisations and initiatives. 

All of our organisations are entirely self-owned and receive no financial support from any third parties.

The BMABA Association is an independent multi-style supporting body for UK martial arts instructors and clubs. The organisation promotes, develops and regulates clubs and instructors whilst championing better standards of professionalism within the industry.
British Martial Arts helps the public find credible, recognised martial arts clubs by promoting dojos, schools and organisations in the industry's best online directory. In addition to the major directory in place, British Martial Arts provides industry news, communities and other essential public-facing guidance designed to help bridge a gap with the wider public, and to bring more people onto the mats.
MartialHost provides the martial arts and wider sports industry with essential web hosting, domain names, web design, logo design, web support, SEO and wider marketing services. Recognising that martial arts lacks largely behind other major industries, MartialHost provides an expert service that helps clubs and instructors get online, build a fantastic presence and grow their clubs. MartialHost works hard to provide additional support and IT guidance as part of the standard service to help often gifted coaches (but not always such gifted designers) build and run a superb, functional website on a tight budget.
BMABA Training Services provides essential training and qualifications to the martial arts and sports sector with a focus on affordability and online provisions.  Providing everything from first aid training and safeguarding qualifications through to bleed control training and coaching courses, BMABA Training Services provides professional solutions across the board. Training services delivers courses via online training, webinars and blended solutions and face to face.
The Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation is the charitable arm of our Group's overall activities. Using martial arts as the catalyst for change, the Foundation aims to tackle childhood poverty, knife crime, violence against women and girls, disability discrimination and other key societal injustices. The Foundation also works to broadly promote safe martial arts participation by championing best practice and grass roots clubs.
#MartialArtsDoneRight provides independent access to all of the key provisions martial arts clubs and instructors desperately need. From martial arts instructor and student insurance through to DBS Check, Safeguarding Qualifications and Coaching Courses, it's covered.  #MADR builds an important bridge between the association market and the insurance market, opening up the opportunity for clubs and instructors to access indepedent services usually tied exclusively with membership to associations and NGBs.
MartialClub is a new part of the MartialHost network. Designed to fill a gap in the market's ability to learn and deploy more advanced websites, MartialClub provides a full wrap-around service to martial arts instructors and helps them to build beautiful, professional websites for just a single, affordable subscription.