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  • May 13, 2020
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Eight years ago this coming September, our organisation celebrates edging closer to that all-defining decade mark. From our humble beginnings of a start-up on a refurbished blackberry and a second-hand laptop to an organisation now in possession of staff, offices and a well known brand, we’re pushing on to a new chapter in our history and growth.

For many in our industry Coronavirus has been devastating. Let’s be clear – it’s had a catastrophic impact on our turnover, like that of many other NGBs and clubs. In times of crisis, you generally have two options; you go to ground or you fight. We’ve chosen the latter.

If you have been a part of the BMABA’s success story, you’ll recognise the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association as the ‘flagship’ organisation under which all of our prior activities have been conducted. We have been on a steep learning curve as an organisation, especially over the past twenty four months in which our turnover, membership base and audience has more than doubled.

In light of the lockdown, we have expedited plans that would have likely come to fruition later in this year – around November or December. We think the UK martial arts sector needs to modernise; and fast. Let’s just put something on the record here – we don’t mean the traditions of our arts should be abandoned, nor do we think it should be turned into a commercial ‘machine’. Too many good clubs and organisations have failed completely, or will at best return to the mats with near-fatal wounds because the culture within our martial arts doesn’t permit talk of profit (even if these funds are reinvested to the greater good of a club or organisation), nor does it permit talk of the big picture. We think that’s part of the reason as to why so many very small clubs have failed, where bigger dojos have not.

The BMABA Group Of Social Enterprises comprises of a growing number of mostly well-recognised, and some new, industry names. From technology and websites through to insurance and regulation – instructor and club focused businesses to community and participant centric forums – the BMABA reach more than 100,000 a year already. We think that diversifying our audiences, by moving some of our services to their own dedicated subsidiaries outside of any membership requirements, will give us the chance to reach even more.

All profits from our group will go straight to the Fighting Chance Foundation to help martial arts change the lives of those in severe need.

For those who already interact with the association, you don’t need to do anything. Nothing will change for the worse. Instead, your membership will be greatly enhanced by more specialist services and provisions – all without cost. You will start to see and hear ‘BMABA Group Of Social Enterprises’ more so perhaps than the ‘BMABA’ alone, and that’s fine. It’s the collective name for all of the fantastic brands and organisations that call us home.

We remain committed to providing the UK martial arts sector with the very best, latest and more economically practical services and provisions. It’s our ambition to bring more people onto the mats in 2020 and 2021 than ever before. When Covid 19 restrictions partly relax and classes can return – albeit it not quite as usual – the industry needs to be resilient. Organisations and insures need to be flexible, clubs need to have a great online presence, the public need to be engaged and professional criteria like DBS checks, safeguarding and first aid need to be satisfied as well.

From this point on, you will find a home within our Group of Social Enterprises for just about every requirement you and your club have. What’s more, the funds you pay to us will help improve the industry collectively, as well as those most in need via our Foundation.

Keep engaging with your usual brands as if nothing has changed, but look forward to seeing vast improvements in service, provisions and pricing in the months to come.

The BMABA Group is made up of the below organisations, with two new additions set to join us in June 2020;

Social Media Marketing

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We love all things martial arts. As the head of the group, we have insights and opinions that stretch across all areas of the martial arts industry. Most of our observations are around governance, external interventions and the martial arts industry as a collective.

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1 Comment
    • Michael Armington
    • May 13, 2020

    This is amazing. I’ve known BMABA for quite some time, but didn’t realise MartialHost was part of the group too. Just what our industry needs – all of the big and little things from one place, without the profit-chasing antics of the old boy’s network! 🙂

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