Our Vision & Impact

The BMABA Group Of Social Enterprises Aims to build the UK's most recognised group of martial arts organisations, and to use our position to positively influence grass roots participation for generations to come.

Martial Arts has a real power to change lives. From building intangible but very much life-defining qualities like self confidence, discipline and resilience to the very real effects of fitness, self defence and competitive sport, martial arts has alot to offer. Our very own Chief Executive, Giovanni, leveraged martial arts to transport him out of a life of poverty thanks to the inspiration of a superb Muay Thai coach, too. It's potential is limitless. 

Unfortunately funding in martial arts is far from without-limits. During the Covid-19 'shut down' and the devastation this caused to thousands of clubs, Sport England (among others) declined any funding for the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association and the Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation, despite the tens of thousands of participants - many of which from vulnerable or disadvantaged groups - who were adversely affected.  The key audience was clearly conveyed in a funding bid, but was still unsuccessful.

What this crystallizes for us is a belief we have held for a number of years pre-pandemic; if we want to see change, we have to be the change.

It's all in the profit...

We promise every penny of our eligible profits will go straight to the Fighting Chance Foundation, so we can make a lasting impact on the lives of as many people as possible. As our group grows, so too will its profit and our contributions.

We would love to have been able to register a charity, receive funds and use that to make the same difference. Unfortunately the bureaucracy and who's who of Charity and the Sports Sector would have meant our operations would have already completely collapsed. Instead of awaiting a silver bullet that will never materialise (if not during Coronavirus, then when else!) we will drag the industry up ourselves, as a collective community of users, clients and participants. 

This is social enterprise, and we're damn proud of it.

Our Key Priorities

As outlined by our Fighting Chance Foundation our primary focus is to use martial arts as a catalyst for change. We have three broader goals, defined as;

  • Promoting, developing and effectively regulating grass roots martial arts throughout the United Kingdom

We also have a dedicated purpose to use martial arts to make a life-defining difference for;

  • Children living in poverty
  • Knife crime, and it's wider impact on communities
  • Women and girls at risk of violence, or whom do not have the same fair access to grass roots martial arts training
  • People with disabilities who are not afforded the same access to quality training in martial arts

We also work to broadly to ensure;

  • Everybody has access to safe, affordable and effective self defence training to promote healthy life choices, improved fitness, mental wellbeing, self discipline, improved resilience and increased confidence.

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