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The BMABA Group For Sponsors & Investors 

The BMABA Group Of Social Enterprises has the ability to reach, influence and inspire a generation through martial arts. 

We already engage in excess of 100,000 participants per year across all cohorts; instructors, clubs, business, participants and parents. We have a diverse following across all parts of the United Kingdom and dozens of ethnicities, backgrounds, incomes, professions and hobbies. This is a truly unique community, united by the love of martial arts.

The BMABA Group started on £20 of capital back in 2012, and the same (now) award-winning social entrepreneur, Giovanni Soffietto, remains at the helm. Our rapid growth demonstrates the group's ability to understand the market, influence key stakeholders and deploy professional, profitable brands to all relevant parts of our industry. 

We welcome partners who wish to be a part of our success story.


We're open to sponsors and agencies who wish to access our constantly growing community of instructors, clubs, businesses and participants. Whether it's brand awareness or direct advertising, we regularly engage in conversations both directly with brands and with their PR/Advertising agencies too. From product samples going out with instructor documentation through to website product placement, we provide an ethical and professional place to grow your brand. Our brand websites draw in excess of 100,000 unique visitors per year from a very niche market, and continue to attract both recurring visitors to our community portals too. 

To discuss how we can help you grow your brand and any ideas or propositions for sponsorship of our group as a whole, or an individual/dedicated subsidary, please contact us directly at management@bmabagroup.org.uk


BMABA Limited, the principal part of the BMABA Group, is a company limited by shares. Whilst we trade on a 'not for profit' basis and invest our profits into our Charitable Entity, we do welcome social investors and angels who would like to find out more about being a part of our success story.

We have a highly successful, profitable and rapidly growing organisation that is open to sensible investment. It's critically important to us that any investors or angels understand our social mission and are happy to invest ethically and responsibly, understanding the need to prioritise our charitable initiatives above direct ROI. In return, we offer attractive equity options, fantastic governance, superb performance and a long-term opportunity to potentially build substantial wealth in an emerging market worth in excess of £700,000 per annum. 

We class investor's and their associated dividends to be an essential part of our social enterprise's mission - growing to reach more people - so we can provide a supportive environment for mutual growth that permits investors to benefit financially from their contribution without damaging our social enterprises charitable work. 

Please contact us at management@bmabagroup.org.uk to discuss any investment opportunities. 

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